Malawian Coffee Farmer

The Coffee Project is a Sheffield based charity raising funds to support education and poverty-relief projects in Malawi.

Funds are raised by importing coffee from Malawi and selling it in the UK.

At the heart of the project is a principle to support people through ethical trade.

Malawi Coffee Shop

Where the funds have been spent in the past.

The Christian Heritage School in Lilongwe.

An educational project providing high quality education to English National Curriculum standards.
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Sponsoship of school children in Ghana

For the last 10 years we have funded the education of 10 children in Ghana. These children belong in families that earn LESS than $50 per month.
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How can I help

Buy our coffee,
directly from us or via one of our outlets.

Provide feedback.

time or money.

Help spread the word.

Sell our coffee in your store or to your friends .
News & Events

Summer Sale on Muzuz Coffee now only £4.50 per 250g bag. Please visit our shop<...
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Along side out own Mzuzu coffee we also sell a Brazillian Daterra coffee suitable for espressos and decaffinated. Just...

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After purchasing a trial batch of Geisha coffee for our 10th Anniversary,we have contninued to buy this very populare coffee and it is now our mainsta...
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 Two supporters raised £1800 for the coffee project by running the Londo...

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