Why sell coffee? Why not simply raise the money through appeals?

Quite simply the success of appeals by Charities has diminished because there are so many of them. So much money has been spent by charities on drawing your attention to their cause that the amount of money going directly to those in need is reduced. How many leaflets drop through your door and go straight in the waste bin?

Why should this be a more successful way of raising money?

Most people have heard of FairTrade goods. The principle of these organisations is to provide a fair price for goods that will allow producers from developing countries to invest in their own future. The Coffee Project is buying from producers in a similar way, thereby directly benefiting their community.

When you purchase our coffee, however, you will not only be supporting a sustainable economy for the workers, but also be helping us to raise money which will ease the burden for families only wanting the best for their children -- a desire common the world over.

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